Ways to give back to the community

Written by Emma Chiao

1. Attend a Fun Run so you can exercise and have fun while donating money to a worthy cause at the same time. Some runs include The Color Run, Relay for Life and Juana Run.

2. Walk around school or your neighborhood with a plastic bag and some gloves. Pick up any trash you see to help keep your environment clean for others.

3. Volunteer to become a tutor in the Academic Center or o er to tutor a friend. Tutoring is great way to contribute to your community with your knowledge.

4. Get involved in an environmental project such as planting trees or cleaning up waterways.

5. Look for volunteering opportunities you are passionate about and can give 100 percent to.

6. Consider the skills you have to o er and choose something that you know you can do the best job on.

7. Be an active listener to your community and take the feedback you hear into consideration when you start a new project.