Get the inside Soup: Dohatsuten



written by Emma Chiao

Dohatsuten Japanese Tapas and Ramen is located in a small lot at 799 San Antonio Road. Although it is much smaller than a typical restaurant, the interior design and lighting create a comfortable, familiar vibe.

The first step was choosing a broth between salt, soy, miso, tonkotsu pork or vegetarian soy. I decided to order their signature Dohatsuten Ramen with tonkotsu pork broth. The wait time for the food was only about 10 minutes. At first glance, it looked like a simple bowl of ramen and soup, but upon closer inspection I noticed the specks of seaweed, carrots and scallion. The pork soup had a strong flavor but it wasn’t too overwhelming. e ramen noodles were chewy and flavorless, a downside that was well balanced by the broth. Each spoon of soup and noodles was also accompanied by tender slices of meat. However, as I neared the bottom of my bowl, I did notice that the broth got spicier and spicier. It was clear that the whole meal’s flavor was dependent on the soup.

Overall, I would give it four out of five stars. Even though the $10.95 meal was nothing special, the environment and quality of the food make it ideal for those who are looking to eat a simple meal with friends and family.