In search of fun, sneaky prank call backfires


The Oracle

Written by Sabrina Chen

A few years ago, it was April 1, and I was bored as usual. More specically, I was at an “Asian” party––a place where around 100 kids run around wildly while the parents drink wine. Because I was civilized and classy, and therefore didn’t want to run around wildly like the rest of the squad, I—as the polite little girl I was—decided to prank call some unknown people.

Me: “Would you like the cancel your order? The cancellation fee is $20.” Voice: “What? I did not order it.”
Me: “Let me get my manager.”
At that point, I was laughing too hard to talk. So, I found a guy at the

I didn’t have a phone at the time, so I asked a ve-year-old if she could get her mom’s phone. Of course, she succeeded. I felt accomplished al- ready––I had obtained the only piece of material I needed for this wonderful prank. I typed in random numbers and pressed call. I don’t remember what numbers I pressed, but let’s assume it was 589-023-5872. Also, it is impor- tant to mention that at the time, I was unaware of the *67 trick, so the caller had the girl’s mom’s number. Here’s how it went:

Asian party and told him to pretend to be a manager.
Random guy: “Hi, I’m the manager.”
Voice: “This is ridiculous. I’m going to call you back later.”
The person hung up, and I was bored again. I texted the number and said

Voice on the phone: “Hello?”

that the $20 cancelation fee was going to become $40 if she didn’t cancel now. We then started a huge ght over text, and things were getting out of control. Suddenly, I had a huge realization. This wasn’t my phone––it was a mom’s phone at the party! What was she going to do if she read the texts or if the lady called back?

Me, in my most manly voice: “Hi. This is Pizza New York. I just wanted to con rm your order of four large pizzas––two cheese and two pepperoni, three large sodas, two sets of breadsticks, a medium mushroom marinara pasta and extra packets of parmesan cheese on the side.”

Wacky April Fool’s pranks offer knee-slapping laughs

Voice on the phone: “Sorry, wrong number.”
Me: “But your number is 589-023-5872 right?”
Voice (in a panicked tone): “Well, I did not order that. Goodbye.”

I told my parents that I really needed to go home, so we madly dashed out. I even forgot to text the lady to say April Fool’s! To this day, I still don’t know what happened, and I never will. If you want to learn one thing from reading this (and not feel like you wasted three minutes of your life), you should remember to always press *67 before you prank call someone.