Student spirited during homecoming week: Sophomore Josh Mei


Written by Katie Zhang

For Sophomore Class President Josh Mei, homecoming week is the happiest and most spirited week in the entire school year because of all the activities and dress-up days. Mei has more than a strong sense of leadership—he also holds a deep passion for spirit.

To Mei, the best part of homecoming week is all of the excitement. “Seeing everyone coming out in their costumes and visually seeing how proud students are [to be] Titans makes me feel proud to be a part of the community during this week,” Mei said. “I’m really excited for all the activities and getting hyped up with my class.”

During homecoming week, Mei always dresses up with lots of enthusiasm to show o his Gunn spirit. He nds most of his out ts from thri shopping. “I just roll by what- ever I think would be the funniest and look the coolest,” he said. “Goodwill is de nitely the key. I don’t really make costumes as much as I assemble an out t from clothes I already have.”

One thing that inspires Mei to be excited and pumped up is competition. “I’m a very competitive person, so I want my class to succeed,” he said. “I love to win and be competi- tive, and dressing spirited is just my way to display my pride of being part of the class of 2020.”

In Mei’s opinion, being devoted to making Gunn an enthusiastic community has a very deep meaning. “Someone [who is] able to put themselves out there and cheering on their class or school is something that makes the student spirited,” Mei said.

During the homecoming theme deciding process, Mei makes sure that the themes are fun for the entire school. “I just like think about cool, funny ideas first and then begin to worry about feasibility second,” he said.