Personal Narrative on Christianity

Written by Kyle Vasquez

I grew up going to church and I’ve always believed in God. For me, as long as I believed, I was content with my life. I believed in God when I used to curse out my teachers for
waking me up from a good nap. I believed in God when I used to tell my mother how much I hated her. I even believed in God when I felt so depressed that I no longer wanted to live. My Christianity seemed like something was missing, and it got me thinking: what if believing in God wasn’t enough? I started to look into the Bible to actually see how a Christian is supposed to live. Eventually, I got baptized and I can honestly say I’ve never been a happier person. Even the rough days aren’t as rough because I’ve got God. I’ve changed as a human to want to better myself and others and to no longer hurt anyone regardless of who they are. I’ve learned what it means to really live as a Christian and I did this by seeing what the Bible has to say.