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Daniel Chung: Junior class Vice President

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Hi, my name is Daniel Chung and I am running for Junior class vice president. There are three, other completely capable candidates for this role, but what sets me apart? Although I haven’t been a member of SEC before, no candidate has gone through the experiences I have had in the past. Currently, I am a team captain of the JV volleyball team, and I am an executive of two clubs. I am also an avid member of Gunn’s orchestra, chamber orchestra, and have been playing sports outside of school for many years. Through these positions and activities, I learned how to use the qualities of a good leader. But above all, I learned the power that team spirit and encouragement can have on others. During the most important year of our time in high school, I want to better our community. I want to create an inclusive, spirited community that connects with everyone in our student body. I want everyone to enjoy the school-wide events, especially Homecoming Week, because these events were the times I experienced a level of unity and compassion that I never had before. I made many friends and built many long-lasting relationships, and I don’t want anyone to miss out. I love my class, and I hope we will make many new memories next year. Thanks and don’t forget, vote Daniel Chung for Junior class vice president!


Other candidates running for Junior Class Vice President:

Cynthia Dharmawan

Grace Liu

Kendrick You

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Daniel Chung: Junior class Vice President