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Rishee Gupta: Sophomore Class President

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Once elected, I will to enact a 2 part plan with a clear, detailed  roadmap and timeline that will ensure a stronger, well represented, and better connected community. Failure to meet these milestones and goals on time, will allow the class in the form of a poll to decide on a suitable (school appropriate) consequence.The first part of the plant directly deals with not only increasing the amount of fundraising but also strategically timing these fundraising efforts. If we are able to effectively implement more well target restaurant fundraising events, we will
essentially be able to expand the items we as a class wear during homecoming. Instead of simply wearing class t-shirts, we could have socks, sweatshirts, accessories, etc. In addition to
simply having more items available for the class of 2021 during homecoming, these items could potentially be cheaper due to effective fundraising efforts. The second part of the plan deals with increasing student representation and voice by conducting triweekly surveys issued to randomized class members. Information and concerns regarding will be delivered to either the board at board meetings or to admin. Furthermore, every month, a newsletter will be posted at
the end of every month containing updates on the triweekly surveys.


Other candidates running for Sophomore Class President: 

Rishee Gupta , Andrew Kim ,  Nikki Suzani , Suhani Sethi

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Rishee Gupta: Sophomore Class President