Skincare enthusiast revels in quality lotions

Paulo Frank

Lumene ($25)

As the fanciest lotion on this list, Lumene Glow Reveal came with some lo y expectations, but I’m happy to say that the moisturizer has delivered on all fronts. Rather than com- ing out of a squeeze tube, this lotion is contained in a little high-quality plastic jar. e second a er my dry hands were coated in the sweet-scented cream, they began to feel better. is lotion, rather than feeling too wet or too thick, made my hands feel like literal silk. e feeling in my hands lingered for a decent amount of time due to the quality of the ingredients. I highly recommend this lotion for anyone who needs to moisturize regularly and is looking for a high quality product, albeit at a higher price.

Orchard Leaves and Blue Sky ($13)

This lotion, hailing from Bath and Body Works and advertising “24 hour moisture” with “Ultra Shea,” had me excited and curious as to what it could do for my poor scaly hands. My first impression of Orchard Leaves and Blue Sky was pleasant enough—my nose was met by a sweetish scent, definitely not what I thought leaves smelled like, but I’m not complaining. Presentation left a little to be desired, as the lotion coming out of the tube looked a little chunky and unappetizing. When the lotion finally made contact with my hands, I slowly let the lotion spread evenly across my chapped flesh like butter on toast. I then encountered an issue. This lotion felt wetter than most lotions I’ve used in the past. My hands were left a bit slimy; as a result, I found difficulty gripping my controller when sitting down for a game of Fortnite soon after. Once the lotion set into my skin, I found my hands were substantially less dry and, as a bonus, were left with a lingering scent. I recommend using this lotion in slightly smaller amounts, but it’s still worth the money.

Evolution of Smooth ($5)

While not boasting as charming of a scent as Orchard Leaves and Blue Sky, this suspiciously unmarked EOS looked stellar and smooth while leaving the canister. While lathering on the lotion, my hands felt wonderful: they were met with a rich and creamy solution. Unfortunately, soon after, my hands felt very similar to the way they did before I applied the lotion. I can only assume that this lotion didn’t contain nearly as many natural moisturizers as the Bath and Body Works one, and as a result doesn’t have the staying power that only high quantities of shea butter can achieve. As a main option, EOS falls short, but it is viable as a budget option or as an emergency, on-the-go lotion for those everyday crackly skin crises.


Hotel ($0)

Surprisingly, this hotel lotion clocks in with the most pleasing fragrance of all. As a sucker for the scent of citrus, I was quite excited about the “Orange Burst” label. The smell is something I can only describe as Fanta mixed with sunscreen in a three to two ratio. It’s not a combination that sounds like it would work—but trust me, it does. In terms of functionality, this lotion felt less watery than EOS’ and less slimy than Bath and Body Work’s. Considering that this was just a complimentary hotel lotion, my expectations were fully met. My hands were left smelling delightful and feeling freshly rejuvenated.