Students participate in real, mock investment opportunities: Junior Bryan Tan



Written by Tejpal Virdi

Junior Bryan Tan:

From real estate to cryptocurrency, junior Bryan Tan has been active in the entire gamut of investing since middle school. According to Tan, in just these few years, his total in- vestment capital has grown 350 percent.

Unlike most people, Tan’s interest in investing comes from his sheer love of money. “I don’t really want to buy anything in particular,” he said. “The purpose of money is to make more money.” This passion has driven him to heavily research on the market and spend a significant amount of time planning out investments.

Although investing money may be stressful for many, Tan is not particularly concerned about his investments. “[The risk] doesn’t really bother me because I am very confident in my abilities,” he said. Moreover, Tan has prioritized his investments over most other responsibilities, including school. “If I need to make a trade and I’m in class, I’ll do the trade,” he said.

Tan’s passion for investing, as well as his thorough research in the field, has paid off over the years. According to Tan, one of his smaller accounts started with $1,000 and has grown to over $10,000 over the span of 18 months. He hopes to further cultivate this growth and move to larger scale investing in the future.