Basketball Q & A

Noa Rapoport, Lifestyle Editor

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The Oracle: What position do you play on the basketball team?
Mollie Keulker: I play point guard. It’s challenging because you have to run the floor, and you have to think about what’s best for your team and get the whole team involved in the plays.

TO: What has your experience on the Gunn team been like so far?
MK: My experience with Gunn basketball has been really good. The upperclassmen have been really nice to us underclassmen and they have welcomed us. It has been so much fun getting to hang out with them and getting to know new people who I maybe wouldn’t have met otherwise.

TO: What are you most looking forward to in the season?
MK: I’m looking forward to bonding and becoming closer with my teammates.

TO: What made you want to start playing basketball?
MK: I wanted to play basketball mostly because my older sister played, but also because of my friends that I had back in third grade. I have always looked up to players that my older sister played with, and they made me want to play.

TO: Do you have a basketball idol that in- spired how you play?
MK: I remember watching Zoe Zwerling, [who graduated from Gunn in 2014], when I was very young. I remember always looking up to her and wanting to play and be like her.

TO: What’s your favorite part about basketball?
MK: My favorite part is being part of the team and having a big friendship, but it is also more than a friendship.

TO: What’s your all-time favorite basketball memory?
MK: I really love hanging out with my teammates outside of basketball, not only as team- mates but as friends. Team sleepovers are always super fun, and any chance to bond with them is super great.

TO: Do you have any pregame rituals?
MK: Every pregame we all get in a huddle and we all talk about what we want to do well. We always ride in one big car together to games and just talk about what’s happening, and we get to know each other really well and personally.

TO: What’s the biggest life lesson you have learned from basketball?
MK: I have learned to just keep on going through your mistakes. Mistakes will happen, but you just have to blow them off and move on. The more you let your mistakes affect you, the more mistakes you’ll continue to make.

TO: Do you have any future plans for basketball?
MK: I want to play in college, and then after that, I want to go into coaching.