Gymshark Athleisure Review

Gymshark is an online store popular brand for athleisure. There are, however, some pros and cons that should be taken into consideration before clicking that “confirm purchase” button.  Let’s start by reviewing the pros: pricing, customer service, style.

Gymshark leggings, their most popular product, are generally cheaper than Nike and Lulu leggings, all priced at around twenty to fifty dollars versus around one hundred at full price. Additionally, Gymshark goes on sale and prices sometimes drop much lower than you could find on other athletic sites. Gymshark also has really good customer service and a low-maintenance return policy. The leggings are comfortable, but the material can be a bit tight, making it more flattering but less comfortable. Overall, Gymshark has a large variety of bold textures and colors for their apparel that create a unique and affordable style.

Moving onto the cons, a downside is that Gymshark is an online-only platform, with pop-ups only in Toronto and Los Angeles. This means that you cannot try products on before you purchase them. However, the site is very user-friendly, clean and easy to navigate, and also includes plenty of pictures for inspiration to help you style your new gym merchandise. There is also a large range of feedback and online ratings for each product, so when considering a purchase check those out.. Another thing to watch out for is sizing, as their sizes usually run small, as mentioned by a large pool of their of reviews. If you’re looking for a new pair of leggings to wear to the gym or just for daily wear, Gymshark could be a good choice for you.