The Gunn Bucket List: all the things you should do before graduation


1. Swim in the pool on top of Spangenberg.

I learned about the pool on top of Spangenberg during my freshman orientation, and I have wanted to see it for myself ever since. It is every Gunn student’s dream to take a dip in the magical pool on top of Spangenberg theater, and is a must for each student before they leave.

2. Have a conversation with Mr. Lyons.

Known as one of the most reserved and intimidating teachers on campus, there would be nothing more memorable than being the only student in Gunn history to have a conversation with Mr. Lyons.

3. Eat in the Library.

Everyone knows this is one of the must forbidden acts to participate in in the library, right on par with standing on a table and making a scene. But only a daring student, months away from leaving Gunn would ever attempt to cross this off their bucket list.

4. Take a ride on Sanchez’s golf cart.

While many people would avoid this ride at all costs, there are few things that would give anyone the same type of adrenaline rush.

5. Participate in a homecoming event.

While scary and intimidating, participating in a homecoming event is the most memorable way to leave your mark on Gunn—and the perfect way to be remembered as a class hero.

6. Be on time to every class for a week.

This particular task might take a few tries, but will be an impressive bragging right.

7. Be on TBN.

There is absolutely nothing better than cracking a joke, showing off a talent or answering a question for the entire school to see. Being on TBN at least once during your time at Gunn is easy, fun and a memory that will be on youtube forever.

8. Take part in Senior Ditch Day.

Few things are as classically “high school” as senior ditch day. It is nearly impossible to have completed the true high school experience without partaking in the most anticipated event in your four years.

9. Participate in a sporting event.

This should be the easiest task on the list. Whether it is playing for a Gunn athletic team, participating in the ping pong tournament, playing in Clash of the Titans, or even just attending the homecoming football game, there are countless ways to participate in a sporting event at least once during your high school career.

10. Sneak out during Flex Time.

In order to complete this task, you may have to go to extreme lengths. Whether you end up hiding in the trunk of a friends car, or finding that one entrance not guarded, anything is worth it if it means you get your midday coffee or snack.

11. Take a class just for fun.

Class requirements are no fun, but who said those are the only classes you’re allowed to take? While you may have to rearrange your schedule a little bit, that extra art class, or yearbook or history elective is worth it.

12. Try one thing from every table at the International Food Fair.

The best day of the year, obviously, is international food fair day. What’s better than shorter classes, extended lunch AND all-you-can-eat free food? Absolutely nothing. Take advantage of that day and attempt to make one trip to every food table at the fair and try one thing before you get too full.