graphic by Jocelyn Wang

Ryan Manesh, Business Manager

Since the debut of social media platforms such as Instagram, many influencers have taken advantage of their following to create a form of revenue for themselves through advertising. Celebrities have been endorsed by many types of companies that sell a huge variety of different products. Such brands range from fashion companies

such as FashionNova to certain big-name car companies.

Although these advertisements may be seen throughout celebrities’ Instagram feeds, none have received major backlash in the past, as most people understand the business side of these endorsements. However, with more recent celebrity promotions of products that con- tribute to an unhealthy lifestyle, public reactions have been much more negative.

For example, on May 15, 2018, Kim Kardashian advertised a lollipop released by popular appetite suppressant company, Flat Tummy Co. After posting the paid advertisement, Kim Kardashian received a flood of negative responses. Influencers, celebrities and regular Instagram users all attacked Kardashian for broadcasting and promoting an appetite suppressant to her millions of followers.

People believed it was immoral for some-
one with such a huge following, especially of young people that may look up to her, to promote an appetite suppressant. Jameela Jamil, an actress on NBC’s “The Good Place,” took to Twitter on the day the advertisement was posted to express her disappointment. “MAYBE don’t take appetite suppressors and eat enough to fuel your BRAIN and work hard and be successful. And to

play with your kids. And to have fun with your friends. And to have something to say about your life at the

end, other than ‘I had a flat stomach,” she tweeted. The lollipop that Kardashian promoted contains an ingredient called Satiereal, which is a plant that is supposed to cure people of their hunger pangs. Flat Tummy Co.’s website states that the lollipops offers an ingredient that will suppress the eater’s appetite for a few hours to prevent snacking.

Flat Tummy Co.’s lollipops are also only considered as supplements, which means that the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate the brand closely.

Kardashian has since deleted the ad after the overwhelming amount of hate in the comments of the post.

Promoting things like appetite suppressants and waist trainers never goes well for celebrities. They should realize that their endorsements can affect impressionable teenagers and cause them to make poor decisions. As such, these influencers should think twice before they post.