Sophomore VP: Trinity Cao

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Hi, my name is Trinity Cao, and I’m running for Sophomore Vice President. There are many reasons why I am qualified for this position, the first being that I am cool. However, despite my intense coolness, I was one of those kids this year who rarely attended any school events such as homecoming or club fairs. Obviously, the main reason was that I was too lazy, but I also usually had a lot of homework to do. As a Sophomore Vice President who knows the hardships of being a student at Gunn High, I will give it my all to make the sophomore school year more enjoyable for those who are antisocial like me by getting the opinions of my fellow classmates on the best time to plan events. This way, everyone will be able to attend without feeling the guilt of taking time off of studying to have fun! Additionally, being a friend of student council members and someone who consistently takes part in class council, I have been there through all the difficulties of trying to get people to join in and participate in class competitions. As Vice President, I will be a role model for others and be in the competitions. Once everyone sees how bad I am at everything, they will gain confidence and not be embarrassed to join in too! But, as I said before, I’m still cool. So everyone should vote for me, Trinity Cao, as Sophomore Vice President! Thank you!