Bench Wars

Kepa Neesen, Reporter

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Turf wars have existed for all of human history. Since the dawn of man, disputes over territory have been major causes ofphysical conflict. A fight of this sort oc- curred just last month on campus.

“Bench Wars,” as the event was called by students, was a lunchtime altercation be- tween two groups of freshman girls. Each was aiming to sit down at the same bench in front of Bow Gym. When the group who normally sat there saw that their bench had been taken, they turned to violence, which included pushing and hair pulling.

“I kind of felt dumb because it was a re- ally dumb situation,” an anonymous source said. “I shouldn’t have gotten involved.”Reflecting on the fight, the source believesthat it caused unnecessary beef between the two groups; everything had been rela- tively peaceful before they decided to battle over the seating space.

The source also had some advice onhow to avoid conflicts of this sort: “Be thebigger person in those kinds of situations,” the source said. “Don’t stoop down to the other person’s level.”