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Mythbusters on campus

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Mark Hernandez, English teacher

Myth: You are “seriously jacked.” CONFIRMED.

“I’m in decent shape. And I will say, I did complete a P90X workout and I can do 50 pushups in 28 seconds. My friend Mark Prior was talking about the requirements to be a Navy Seal, which was 50 pushups in two minutes. And I said, “No way! There is no way it’s that little.” He responded that to be competitive you had to do 100 pushups in two minutes. I told him I could do 100 pushups in one minute, or 50 in 30 seconds. So I took off my jacket, and I did them.”

Myth: You scored a 2500 on the SAT’s. BUSTED.

“Yes, I started that myth myself. See the logic behind it is that, it is possible to get a perfect score while still missing one or two questions because CollegeBoard creates certain questions that they believe nobody can answer correctly. But if you do, I told my class that you can get 100 bonus points.”

Diane Ichikawa, English teacher

Myth: You were a professional yoga instructor in Tahiti. BUSTED.

“I would love to have been a yoga teacher in Tahiti.  But, alas, when I was in Tahiti, I was still studying martial arts; it was long before I got blissed out on yoga.”


Dana Voll, senior

Myth: You own over 36 dresses. CONFIRMED.

“I own exactly 36 dresses at the moment, but the number increases rapidly because I really like wearing them for some reason. I just can’t stop myself from buying them every time I go shopping.”

Praniti & Curran Sinha, juniors

Myth: You two are twins. BUSTED.

Praniti: “People think we are twins because we are in the same grade, but I’m actually 11 months older. And 11 times cooler.”

Curran: “I’m 11 months younger…and obviously the better looking one.”

Victor Liu, sophomore

Myth: You lost 30 pounds between 8th and 9th grade. CONFIRMED.

“Losing weight was one of the toughest things I ever did, but the outcome of being fit has been really rewarding. It is also pretty entertaining when people ask if I got liposuction.”

Sioned Hughes, freshman

Myth: You were the voice of an animated character in a movie. BUSTED.

“People think that I am the voice of a character in an animated movie called “Quest of Camelot.”  I definitely wasn’t, but everyone thinks I was because I made a joke to one person and it stuck.”

—Compiled by Elsa Chu and Ellen Lee

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