Spirit Commissioner: Micaela Leong


Hi! I’m Micaela Leong and I’m running to be your spirit commissioner. You may have
seen me around school wearing crazy outfits, not only for homecoming but for every
home volleyball game and school rally. A good portion of students play sports, but few get recognition for the long hours and hard work they put in for our school. As someone who’s played through two years of crowds with few people, I know firsthand what it’s like to look out and only see the same loyal fans (who we appreciate!). As spirit commissioner, I will work tirelessly with the rest of ASB to bring attention to all events. I will also look to add more rallies to boost student morale throughout the year, while making our current ones better. I know that the end of this year wasn’t everything we imagined, but we can only look forward. Together, we can make next year the best one Gunn has ever seen, filled with school spirit and memories from different rallies, games, plays, and events.