School Board Representative: Thomas Li


Hi! My name is Thomas Li and I’m running for School Board Representative.
These past three years, I’ve seen how powerful we are when we come together as a community of students. No matter what’s thrown at us—SELF, expanding graduation requirements, or a global pandemic—we always stand our ground and fight the good fight. As Titans, we share a common goal to pursue our passions unhindered by constraints and hurdles, which is exactly what I will fight for as School Board Rep.

In the following year, there will be many critical decisions that impact us as students. It stands to reason that student input and transparency should be an utmost priority in these processes. Here are just some of the upcoming issues:

  • SELF: it’s time to sit down and honestly review the program’s effectiveness after three
  • Standards Based Grading: in its current form, SBG is a mess that hurts teachers and
    students alike. Much more work centered around student opinion is required.
  • Bell Schedule Changes: as we move towards compliance with new laws, let’s not repeat
    the errors of past years. As students, we deserve a voice in this process.

I’m ranked 8th nationally in debate after four years of practice defending and critiquing policies. As SBR, I’ll use those skills for your benefit. Aided by my experience working with district staff and teachers on textbook adoption, I know how to ensure student voice is heard. I care deeply about our school and would be honored to serve you.