Spirit Commissioner: Nicholas Manou


Hi, I’m Nicholas Manou and I am running for Spirit Commissioner next year. My goal for Spirit Commissioner is to be able to increase the number of spirit events at Gunn, while still being able to maintain a strong academic presence. For the past 2 years that I’ve been at Gunn High School I have always felt that outside of Homecoming, spirit at Gunn has been minimal. There shouldn’t be a reason why we only have one week to show off our spirit, and I aim to change that. While I will strive to make Homecoming the best it can be, there’s definitely more we can do to fill up the rest of the school year with fun spirit events, whether it being dress-up days or class-wide competitions. For homecoming, I can ensure that I will do my best to come
up with exciting new dress-up competitions, and not recycle the same themes that we’ve been using for the past two years. I’m aware that Gunn is an extremely creative school, and I hope to channel that by coming up with new spirit events along with dress-up days. Of course, I will constantly take in student opinions and ideas, to ensure that the spirit days created will be for everyone to enjoy. I have always looked forward to spirit days at school, and if elected,I hope to be able to bring new light to Gunn spirit events and make next year the most fun it can be.
Thank you.