Sophomore Class President: Heidi Purnama


Hi Titans! My name is Heidi, and I will be running for Sophomore Class President. In my one year of attending this school, I’ve realized just how inclusive and amazing a group of individuals can be when together. I was never a very active participant in school spirit, but after experiencing this year, it’s made me want to do more for our community. As class president, I will speak for the students and work towards implementing an alternative to Social and Emotional Learning (SELF). I believe in a safe environment for students to study in, and while I understand the importance of managing our own emotions, it is my goal to find a more productive approach. With the amount of school spirit we have, I also want to increase the number of parties and events. Homecoming week is definitely the highlight of my freshman year, and more parties means more memories. School can be stressful, but if I have your vote, I’ll make sure that this year exceeds your expectations! Let’s go 23’