Junior Class Site Council Representative: Arjun Raja


Hi! My name is Arjun Raja, and I am running to be your next Junior Class Site
Council/PTSA Representative. Time and time again, I have seen instances of students feeling
like they have a lack of representation in the school district. From the COVID-19 Coronavirus
outbreak to the SELF program; student voices deserve to be heard. As the next Junior Class
Site Council/PTSA Representative, I will make it my mission to reverse the practice of students having a little say in school decisions. I intend to listen and represent all students with enthusiasm, and conviction, to have a measurable impact on our future. I have always been into international relations, and this passion has changed my way of thinking. I have a proven track record to be able to negotiate with many diverse opinions. I honed my skills since 5th grade at a Model United Nations program at Stanford to listen, understand, and negotiate for a measured outcome. I intend to use these skills to help students in the class of 2022, to voice our opinions on a variety of school wide issues and keep the conversation flowing between the students and the school administration. To summarize, I care deeply about the Gunn community, and our many concerns. I intend to address these issues with the integrity and honesty that you would expect from your representative. Thank you so much for reading, and I greatly appreciate your vote!