School Board Representative: Nikki Suzani

Hello Titans! My name is Nikki Suzani and I’m running to be your 2020-21 School Board Representative. I firmly believe that an individual’s greatest power is that of their voice, and would passionately dedicate myself towards ensuring that student voice is heard.

  • Goals:
  • Reform the implementation of the SELF program, specifically in regards to content (i.e.supporting the addition of trigger warnings) and reducing the frequency of meetings
  • Increase wellness initiatives throughout both primary and secondary schools
  • Oppose the development of standards-based grading systems
  • Allow for more flexible Blended Learning options (similar to previous years)
  • Publish online “live documents” during School Board meetings to keep students informed
  • Qualifications:
    Secretary of Congresswoman Anna Eshoo’s Student Advisory Board with a project focused on
    mental health reform
  • Former Co-President of Girl Scout Troop 60321
  • Aspiring journalist with an internship at the Los Altos Town Crier and an editor position on the Oracle
  • State Qualifier in Policy Debate
  • Spoke at board meetings opposing both Computer Science education mandates and
    Standards-Based grading while advocating for the implementation of humanities electives
  • Interviewed candidates for the 2018 School Board Elections
  • Advocated for proposals for better online learning policies during coronavirus
  • First Place in the Palo Alto Rotary Speech Contest with a piece entitled “The Power of Our Voices”

Ultimately, the Titan community has provided me with a loving home for these past three years. As School Board Representative, I’d fight for the change that we wish to see in this community.