Sophomore Class President: Kaylee Wong


I’ve never really been interested in student council. I’ve always laughed with my friends about the decisions and events ASB put on. When they complained, I complained with them. But that’s so unfair. They try so hard, and I can’t complain when I haven’t tried to change anything myself. So then I decided I was going to run for class president. I don’t have much experience in leadership. I’m also not an excessively virtuous person, nor am I the most athletic, smartest, or even nicest person sometimes. I’m pretty much just like you. Not that you’re not the most
virtuous, athletic, smartest, or nicest. I’m sure you’re amazing. The point is, the fact that I’m not so different from everybody else will let me see things differently from those who’ve been on ASB before. My lack of experience is just a new point of view. I think just like the majority of the student population. And if I don’t, I’m willing to hear anyone out. While I can’t promise that I can represent every single person’s thoughts and opinions, I can tell you that I’ll definitely try. Hi. My
name is Kaylee, and I’m running to be your sophomore class president. I’m just an average teenager, but I think that’s a pretty good thing to be when you’re trying to represent a place full of teenagers.