Sophomore Class President: Jerome Wu


Hello fine people of Gunn high school, you might recognize me from last year’s election, or homecoming. And despite corona, I’d like to think that this has been a pretty decent year. You might only know me as a person who shouts at crowds, and I must admit, that’s one of my greatest skills. However I have been doing, and will do a lot more than just scream at crowds.This year I helped make Homecoming a thing, as well as work on a project to help increase student voice, which I hope I will be able to bring to fruition next year. But that’s not all I want to do in 2021, I’ve been present for the planning process of events SEC has put on, I know what went well, and what didn’t. And if you elect me, I’ll be sure to put that knowledge to good use to
make the events as good as they can be.