Junior Class Site Council Representative: Ethan Zhang


My name is Ethan Zhang and I am running for Junior Site Council Representative. I am
best suited for the position because I care a lot about the wellbeing of students, and aim to improve our Gunn experience. I want to improve a key aspect of student and staff life that has recently become centerpoint: health and sanitation. In order to improve this in the long term, I propose putting greater diligence in providing soap in all restrooms, providing hand sanitizer stations in key locations on campus, and creating an awareness campaign to promote healthy habits — all of which are essential to maintaining good hygiene. For the above changes, and other changes to happen, we should improve communication between students, staff, and all other members of the campus community. There should be more systems to allow all sides to communicate their goals and desires. This is why I want to create a periodic survey for students and staff to promote any issues that are at the top of their mind. I look forward to studying and discussing these survey results, and working with students and staff at site meetings to address the most important issues that surface. As Site Council Representative, I help run the Turkey Feast. One proposal is to create an eating space for people to talk and hang out. I look forward to serving as your Junior Site Council Representative — I hope you vote for me!