Seniors rep big names and big numbers on Wednesdays

The middle of the week can be a tiring, boring time, but the seniors are making Wednesdays a lot more exciting.

Seniors John Farhat, Yotam Kasznik, Sarah Fleischmann and Taylor Perricone show off their basketball jerseys.

By: Monica Cai

Photos by: Henry Liu

The middle of the week can be a tiring, boring time, but the seniors are making Wednesdays a lot more exciting. “We decided to spruce Wednesdays up,” senior Yotam Kasznik, co-creator of Basketball Jersey Wednesdays said. On any given Wednesday, a group of students, mainly seniors, can be spotted at school sporting their favorite basketball jersey. “There’s so much excitement on Basketball Jersey Wednesdays,” Kasznik said. “It radiates happiness.”

The event was thought up by Kasznik and fellow senior Ori Herschmann on a Tuesday night during the NBA playoffs last year. “We just wanted to get out a little more,” Herschmann said. “We decided to try something new and it worked out.”
The trend soon spread to others in the grade and even branched out beyond seniors. “The last Wednesday of the year, maybe forty people wore basketball jerseys,” Kasznik said. “I’m happy so many people liked our idea.”

Jersey wearing isn’t limited to basketball fans only or to the senior grade; any student, basketball fan or not, can join in. The Wednesday is chosen randomly by the creators and the news is spread simply by word of mouth.

Another event that has recently been created is Lawn Chair Wednesday, also a primarily senior activity. Seniors bring chairs to the quad during lunch, usually participating in Basketball Jersey Wednesdays at the same time. Created by senior John Farhat, Lawn Chair Wednesday started accidentally. “I was with [Seniors] Anish [Johri] and Holt [Bowmer] and they said they wanted to get some hammocks for Gunn,” Farhat said. “I misheard what they said and said we should definitely get lawn chairs, and it went off from that.”

Although only seniors currently participate, any class can join in, according to Farhat. “The intent of Lawn Chair Wednesday is just to relax during lunch and make it feel like summer,” Farhat said. “Once it starts to be cold, Lawn Chair Wednesdays will be replaced with Sleeping Bag Wednesdays.”

With clear plans to continue the event all year, Farhat expects more and more people to participate. Together with Kasznik and Herschmann’s Basketball Jersey Wednesdays, the seniors are trying to guarantee that Wednesdays will never be boring again.

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