Written by: Stephanie Zhang

On Dec 13. at 7 p.m. in Spangenberg theatre, students, family and staff will have the chance to watch their peers sing for the annual Winter Choir Concert. The choir students have been working hard for several weeks to put together a concert that viewers won’t be able to easily forget. “This is going to be very exciting,” Choir Director Bill Liberatore said. “I definitely encourage people to check this out.”

All the compositions that will be performed this year have been composed by Gunn students, something that is significantly different from past years. The pieces all vary in theme and styles. “You can expect a great range of variety and a lot of creativity,” Liberatore said. “We have pieces that are written in a pop style, modern art music and even indie rock.”

The invitation to compose a piece was sent to all students and staff, which resulted in a  wide variety of compositions by several talented writers. “[Senior] Andrea Allen composed a choral piece called ‘Dream Song,’ and [senior] Thomas Macaulay wrote a poem based on a Spanish piece called ‘Sueno Despierto,’ and it’s really modern, haunting and beautiful,” Liberatore said.

Both treble, concert and chamber choirs have been practicing four hours a week or more. “The whole choir has been extremely supportive toward all the composers, and they’re always very enthusiastic,” Liberatore said, “Many times the class will have to make up a harmony, and it’s amazing to see what we can come up with.”

Although practice is tiring, the choir   students believe that it is worth the benefits that come with it. “Putting together this concert is really rewarding,” junior Paul Kang said. “You get to bond with a lot of your fellow members, and it’s great to see what we produce after putting so much sweat into it.”

Many students are expressing enthusiasm and high expectations for watching their peers perform live. “The singing at the choir concerts are always very good, and it’s definitely a possibility that I will go again this year,” junior Victor Liu said. “I’m really looking forward to getting into the Christmas spirit with some modern twists on the traditional carols.”

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