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Sports Updates: Fall sports coaches set goals for upcoming season


Mark Weisman (Football): “We have more experience. Especially at the linebackers position and some of the more skilled positions, so that usually builds well for a good season.”


Cheerleading/Dance “I am excited for the girls to show off the skills they learned this summer, and to not only improve individually and as a squad, but to promote and encourage school spirit.”


Girls’ Tennis “It’s great to get these girls playing and having fun and getting better each year. We need to do a little more work with the doubles teams and get them a little bit stronger.”


Girls’ Water Polo “We’ll make it back to CCS. I’m confident we’ll do that. We have a very good group, we have a very good defense, we’ve got two very good goalies, we can throw the ball hard, we’ve got a lot of senior leadership, and very smart players, so we think we’ve got a shot to win.”


Cross Country “I try to give each person what they need. I’m sure we will do well, but it’s going to be hard to recover from [the loss of runners]. Cross country is meant to be self motivating yet fun. We might not be quite as strong as before, but we can still do it.”


Girls’ Golf “The team is very good, but that doesn’t mean that every player on the team is a superstar. We have all levels, but the main thing is that you’re really interested and you’re willing to work hard and get better.”


Volleyball “What I think is so impressive is the kids that I coach have higher grades during the volleyball season than they do throughout the year because they are more on top of their schedules.”


Boys’ Water Polo “We have three freshmen who will be on varsity. They’re lacking in size a little bit but they’re smart. They know the game. It’s a younger team. We have good senior leadership, but there will still be growing pains.”

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