Snapshots: Club Day, Maze Runner

“I thought that it went very well for a first-time event and it was nice to see the grades collaborate with each other to create a more positive environment.” ­­—Eric Her, 9

“Club day shows you that getting involved doesn’t have to be difficult–just sign up and show up!” ­ —Alex Kim, 11


“It was super exciting, almost a little overwhelming. It was interesting to see the product of all the creativity and hard work of the Gunn students.” ­ —Zoe McKeown, 9


“It was really crowded, but there are a lot of really cool, wacky and fun clubs at Gunn.” —Viraj Ghosh, 10


“I remember freshman year when Michelle first started pitching the idea of Maze Runner in SEC and it turned out even more amazing than I had imagined! I think all grades put their best effort in, and it was really fun to seeing the classes bond together. ” ­—Somina Lee, 12


“The maze was prepared in a very organized fashion.” ­—Kevin Ji, 10

Compiled by Michael Chen

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