Camp prank wars great for boredom

Written by Mathew Hamilton

Published in the May 22, 2015 issue

If you find yourself bored at camp this summer, consider starting a prank war. Summer camps provide the perfect arena for a prank war because of the large amounts of free time, close living spaces and the fact that you will probably never see those people ever again.

When my friends and I started a prank war we had no idea that it would end with people’s mattresses on the bathroom floor. Nevertheless, had I known it would escalate to that degree I still would have participated.

It all started when we put baby powder on the portable fans in the dorms. We snuck into our victims’ rooms, placed the powder and waited to hear the reaction. Needless to say, they were not pleased and swore revenge, which came in the form of clear tape across our doorway. When we walked out of the door, we walked right into the tape.

The bar had been raised, and we met it by taking the 12 chairs in the common room and putting them in our opponents’ dorm. My room- mate and I thought we had won, but when we returned from dinner to find my roommate’s mattress on the floor of the bathroom, we real- ized we had been bested.

I would advise you to start a prank war, but be prepared for the worst. The damages may be costly, but the experience is most definitely worth it.

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