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Outdoor spots to visit in Palo Alto: Baylands Nature Preserve

Written by Grace Ding

Published in the October 8, 2015 issue

Have you ever sat at home on a weekend, bored because you don’t know where to hang out with your friends? Located on the east end of Embarcadero Road, the Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve is a great destination. The calming views of the Bay provides a source of stress relief at the end of a busy week at school.

You can call up a few friends and decide whether to walk, run or bike at the preserve; its 15 miles of different length, but mostly flat, trails gives you plenty of choices. While there, you can do exercise and it is casual enough for you to enjoy the experience, especially if you are also spending time with friends.

Baylands, one of the largest marshlands in the Bay Area, provides a hangout environment that is close to nature. It is commonly known as a great birdwatching spot, and tidal and freshwater habitats combine to make the area beautiful and scenic.

Overall, Baylands is a fun and accessible choice for students searching for an alternative hangout spot. Students should definitely consider going there to catch up with friends or family, while at the same time getting some exercise and enjoying the nature.

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