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  1. I’m an alumni from the class of 1982 and in 1981 me, Greg Zlotnick, Bea Chestnut, Danny Stryer, Charlie Cosovich, Greg Nerland, Brad Elman, Marsh McCall, Eric Hager, Steve Cohen and Andres Fajardo after interviewing students and faculty at several other papers including the Campanile, the Homestead Epitaph and the Redwood of Larkspur Bark re-designed the Oracle such that page 1 would be a tabloid style with one story and would jump to 12 and 13 of a 24-page paper and continue as a single-topic, multi-part feature called the Centerfold and we could never imagine the world wide web or an online version of the Oracle but it’s nice to see a “Centerfold” section here and in your recent print versions. (i.e. in the print versions we use the gutter between pages 12 and 13 to give us more space and design two pages as one)

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