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Super Bowl 50 team summary

Written by Jack Mallery


The Panthers (17-1) rely on their solid defense and high powered offense, led by quarterback Cameron Newton. Former Heisman Trophy winner, Newton has come out swinging with only one loss so far. Along with Newton, be sure to watch out for tight end Greg Olsen, running back Jonathan Stewart and wide receiver Devin Funchess. In their second Super Bowl ap- pearance the Panthers are shooting for their first NFL title, but anything can happen in the biggest game of the year.


The Broncos (14-4) rely on their outstanding defense, led by outside linebacker Von Miller and defensive end DeMarcus Ware. In the American Football Conference title game, Patri- ots quarterback Tom Brady was hit 23 times by the Broncos, breaking the Patriots’ previous season high of 12 hits on Brady. Not to be forgotten is the Broncos’ veteran quarterback, Peyton Manning. With one Super Bowl ring already in his possession, Manning is shooting for one more before retirement.

Graphic by Elizabeth Zu

Graphic by Elizabeth Zu

Graphic by Elizabeth Zu

Graphic by Elizabeth Zu

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