Tips for Thrift Shopping

  1. Have a list of items that you want to buy.
  2. Always bring a little more money than you plan to spend.
  3. Know the sale days to save more money!
  4. Be creative; you can use items for other purposes besides its main one.
  5. Inspect the items before purchase some items might be damaged.
  6. Have patience sometimes it takes a while to find the perfect item in mind.
  7. Bring your smartphone if you have one you can search up the brands of the items to make sure you are paying a good price
  8. Wear clothes that are easy to switch out of, so that it’s convenient to try on clothes from the store.
  9. Bring your grandparent many thrift shops offer discount to seniors.
  10. Try different thrift shops you might be surprised by good items you have never seen in other thrift shops

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