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Top 5 Travel Apps

Written by Paulo Frank


Airbnb makes traveling easy by providing hundreds of thousands of places to stay. Bookings can be done straight from the app, and it’s a great way to find last-minute lodgings. Airbnb is unique to regular hotel services because all are offered by local hosts, leading to more varied and cultural places to stay.



Facet allows people to view 15-second clips submitted by users around the world. Using this app, you can get ideas of places you want to go, and pin them to your board in-app for all friends and family to see.


Peek Tours and Activities

Peek can come up with fun recreational activities suited for your trip by taking a simple quiz. Using this, you can learn about and make appointments with whatever organizations and activities pander to your vacation needs at your destination.



HISTORY Here provides interesting trivia on whatever historical events may have transpired at your location. This will allow you to learn the local history of many sites in the area, and you will feel more invested and interested in what you’re doing.



Hitlist uses your trip preferences and notifies you on the best prices for hotels and airfare. Along with this the app has a function where you can plan and pay for trips with your family and/or friends, making organizing the mechanics of a vacation more coordinated.

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