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Shopaholic: Matthew Skowronski

Written by Paulo Frank

For junior Matthew Skowronski, clothes shopping has been an important part of his life for many years. “In sixth grade I bought this really nice sweatshirt,” Skowronski said. “I wanted to buy more things like it and ever since, I’ve been addicted.”

Shopaholism, the more commonly used term for the disorder called oniomania, is characterized as an obsessive urge to make purchases. To Skowronski, shopping is a daily occurrence. “I’m really always shopping, around two hours a day,” Skow- ronski said. “I just have a constant urge; it’s usually when I get bored of the stu I have.”

Skowronski’s need to shop is driven by his love for switching up his style. ere is also grati cation in shopping that Skowronski acknowledges. “It’s relaxing, and I’m addicted to opening packages,” Skowronski said. “You just buy stu , and it’s kind of like you earned it if you can get it.”

Skowronski generally shops online, as he nds in-store shopping to be less ef- fective. “I usually take a long time to decide if I want to buy something, and in a store there’s too much of a rush, so I end up with more regrets when shopping from stores,” Skowronski said.

Skowronski knows excessive shopping is not wise, but justi es it with how shop- ping makes him feel. “I spend too much because I can, but it’s too much,” Skowron- ski said. “I don’t see it as something that’s a problem because it makes me happy.”

With his love for fashion and clothing, Skowronski doesn’t see an end to his excessive purchasing anytime soon. “I’ve never even thought about stopping,” Skowronski said. “I won’t have money for other nice things [when I’m older] but it’ll be worth it.”

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