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Tips for organizing a ski trip

Written by Kaya van der Horst

1. Choose a date

Plan your trip during a time with lots of snowfall in order to ensure the best winter wonderland experience. Aside from the upcoming winter break, escape to your snowy getaway during the long Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, Jan. 14 to 16, or during the local holiday from Feb. 16 to 20.

2. Pick a location

While Lake Tahoe is a popular choice for many people in the Bay Area, other great locations nearby include Bear Valley or Mammoth Lakes. Make sure to compare the prices and decide whether you want to go with a season pass or day pass. Decide if you want to rent a cabin, stay in a hotel or room with friends or family who own a second home.

3. Assemble ski gear

Before you leave, wax your snow-board or skis and have the bindings checked. REI and the Ski Renter, both located in Mountain View, are conve-nient places to go for either renting ski equipment or waxing skis and snowboards. Don’t forget to have your car winter-ready with snow chains before heading to the mountains.

4. Be stylish

We all know bulky ski pants and snow boots aren’t always the most fashionable. Some places where you can check out snazzy ski gear are North Face, REI and online retailer Net- a-Porter. Remember all the essentials such as ski goggles, helmets, warm pants, as well as some cozy pieces for all your post-slope activities.

5. Prepare hearty meals

Before you leave for your trip, prepare a few recipes for hearty meals that you can cook with your friends and family. A favorite such as the Austrian Germknoedel, a fluffy dumpling filled with spicy plum jam, served with hot vanilla sauce and sprinkled with poppy seeds will guarantee a culinary highlight o the slopes. Of course, don’t forget to bring hot chocolate essentials, too.

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