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UberEats Review

Written by Tone Yao Lee

Originally an online transportation network, Uber has broadened its horizons, adding a new app, UberEats, which specifically deals with food delivery services.

My experiences with UberEats have been extremely positive. Compared to other food delivery apps such as DoorDash or PostMates, UberEats has a different and smaller selection of restaurants to order from. UberEats only allows delivery with a few restaurants from each cuisine and does not offer any fast food. However, UberEats is faster compared to the other apps, most likely because they have a larger number of delivery people, since they can use drivers from Uber to also do the food delivery.

In my most recent order, I ordered a berry bowl from Bare Bowls. In roughly 30 minutes, the food was delivered to my doorstep, and it wasn’t melted and liquidy. The driver was punctual, and I was notified in a timely manner with each step in the process. I was extremely satisfied with my experience with UberEats, and for the speedy and communicative delivery, I gave them 5 stars.

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