Fun, new sports to try

Written by Laurel Comiter


A new fitness craze, cycling, has taken over in recent years. Classes such as SoulCycle and Equinox have become a new popular form of working out for several reasons. Cycling has been shown to release bursts of endorphins, chemicals which reduce stress and anxiety. Cycling also strengthens your core and gives you an amazing leg workout. It doesn’t matter what kind of shape you are in because cycling can be done at any speed and any intensity level. Beyond classes, cycling is a mode of transportation and can save money and help the environment. The Bay Area is home to hundreds of miles of bike paths, making most places across the Bay easily accessible.



Dancing has grown in popularity, whether people are participating in dance competitions or trying out new moves to their favorite songs. With new dance routines popping up every few weeks, there is always something fresh to try. From ballroom dancing to hip-hop, there is a style of dance for everyone. One way to get started is to participate in Zumba. Zumba classes are available at many fitness centers around the Bay and can be a fun, easy way to get involved in dancing while listening to great music and getting an amazing full-body workout. Dancing can be done solo or with a group of your friends.


Rock Climbing

Whether you choose to do it inside or outside, rock climbing is a fun and challenging workout that can be easily picked up. Outdoor climbing can give a new appreciation for what your surroundings look like from new heights, while indoor rock climbing can be a more relaxing way to exercise with friends and master the basics. Climbing is a simple way to add adventure into your routine as well as give yourself a workout goal to achieve. Rock climbing gyms can be found throughout the Bay Area and outdoor climbing locations can be found in the Santa Cruz Mountains.


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