The oracle staffers embrace blind dates: Aleks’ story

Written By Aleks Tycz

When first confronted with the idea of a blind date, I was doubtful because I’m not immediately friendly with new people. I worried that I would have trouble going on a date with someone I didn’t know at all. The potential of being matched with someone I didn’t click with was frightening, and I was doubtful of how fun the date would be. Although I was wary of the concept, I agreed to give it a try.

Prior to my date, I was extremely nervous. Worst-case scenarios played through my head as I drove to my date. The thought of backing out was running through my mind. As I approached downtown, I knew the only way the date would be successful was if I just had fun with it. It was up to me to make or break the date.

Following an endless search for parking, I made my way to Pizza My Heart and immediately gravitated towards the most obscure booth I could find. After barricading myself behind the table, I waited for my date to arrive. Several minutes later I noticed a girl I recognized from school waiting outside. I hesitantly left the safety of my booth and made my way towards the door. With several seconds of awkward eye contact and an exchange of names, our blind date began.

My date was senior Kiana Fong. She was immediately outgoing and successfully fostered conversation despite my obvious discomfort with the situation. We soon decided to explore downtown, opting out of the more conventional sit-down dinner. The decision created a more casual atmosphere and I quickly abandoned my previous reservations. As we walked down University Avenue, we stopped to browse several stores, discussing the terrifying soda flavors at Rocketfizz and the product diversity of Walgreens. Throughout the night, our conversation remained engaging and suffered no uncomfortable silences.

Contrary to my initial hesitation, I thoroughly enjoyed my date. Kiana was funny and attentive, so conversation flowed easily. Although originally worried I would not click with my blind date, Kiana and I were able to quickly move past the slightly awkward beginning and have a great time together.

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