Childhood obsessions we all had: Webkinz

Graphic by Elizabeth Zu

Written by Laurel Comiter

When we were younger, there was always an excuse to add another Webkinz to the collection whether it was a birthday, holiday, or even just saving up allowance money. Created in 2005, Webkinz seemed like any other stuffed animal, yet it was so much more. Attached to every plush animal was a tag with the code that brought this little toy to life right in front of our young eyes. No one can deny that they entered in random codes in the hopes of unlocking a Webkinz. Webkinz seemed to have peaked in 2007 because of its addicting arcade games, interior design opportunities and so much more. From the Wheel of Wow and Wishing Well to playdates in the Webkinz Clubhouse and designing a dream home, Webkinz were a vital part of the childhood experience.  

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