Advait Arun: School Board Representative

Hey Gunn, I’m Advait Arun, a current junior, and I am excited to announce my candidacy to be your School Board Representative. As your School Board Rep, my job is to effectively communicate the opinions and needs of the student body to the powers that be; I promise to work with SEC, both the Gunn and District Administrations, parents, community leaders, and the School Board to reach the best solutions for all students districtwide. I’ve had a lot of experience representing the youth voice across the Bay Area, though working on Rep. Ro Khanna’s student-driven campaign for Congress, serving on Rep. Anna Eshoo’s Student Advisory Board, and using my involvement in Model United Nations to connect with student leaders across the Bay Area. Many students here have told me that they feel like those in charge don’t listen to us, that our voice appears to be trivial, and that we don’t matter ― I aim to change that, and make our voice heard. As students, we’ve done our part to meet Admin and Board halfway, but it doesn’t always feel like they recognize our needs. I want to use my connections, skills, and the position of School Board Rep to make sure that the people in charge know that we students won’t be silent any longer. I want to increase student involvement in our community to a point where nobody can ignore us. As your School Board Rep, with your help, we will bring back student voice!

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