Bridgette Gong: Human Relations Commissioner

It’s no secret that high school can be difficult, but that’s not to say we can’t also have the time of our lives. The several students and staff who’ve welcomed me to Gunn with open arms, making high school a feat less intimidating and more manageable, have inspired me to run for a position that emphasizes community. As Human Relations Commissioner, I’d aim to have every student and teacher feel that they have a place here at gunn. Along with promoting acceptance, appreciation, and respect for others on the daily, I’d maximize time spent outside of class by filling the year with as many fun and relaxing events as possible to provide relief from a school year of hard work and commitments. It’s in my best interest to help others navigate through rough waters by establishing a more warm and happy environment out of our school. I hope my future contributions can make a positive difference in others’ lives, and that celebrating individuality will continuously make Gunn a place where everyone is loved for being no less than 100% themselves. Being a part of choir, the Oracle, and a variety of sports have showed me that we are so much more than just a school- we’re a community, a family even, of remarkable people coming together. With that said, it is my goal make each year better than the previous, filled to the brim with all the unforgettable and irreplaceable experiences unique to being a Titan.

Learn more about Bridgette by watching her candidate video here.

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