Elizabeth Salwitz: Junior Class President

I’m Elizabeth Salwitz, and I’m running for Junior Class President, Class of 2019!

One of the main reasons I am running for Junior Class President is my enormous love and appreciation for our amazing class. The amount of spirit our grade has takes my breath away. From Homecoming Week to Sports Rally, there is never a dull moment when the class of 2019 is around.

I think it’s important to inform everyone of what is happening in our school. I believe every student in our grade and school should have a voice about issues that will affect them. Opinions can be heard through surveys, Class Council meetings, and grade-wide meetings. Once people are heard and informed, I will do everything I can to make sure their voices and opinions are taken into consideration. I believe if their voices are heard, students will have a greater say in the changes happening around campus.

I believe I possess a very important quality needed in a class president: spirit. There has never been a spirit day or Homecoming Week when I have not dressed up and shown my class pride. I have no fear of being the loudest person in the room during the Night or Sports Rallies, because nothing can stop me from showing my love for the class of 2019.

Finally, I’m not afraid, but I am excited to step up and take the responsibility of leading our Junior Class.

Thank you, and If You Have Wits, You’ll Vote for Salwitz!

Learn more about Elizabeth by watching her Candidate Video here.

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