Joshua Mei: Sophomore Class President

Hello! I’m Josh Mei, and I’m running for your sophomore class president. As a Clippers fan, I believe that their current motto, “It takes everything,” stands just as true in student government as it does on the hardwood floor. As your current class president, I have advocated for and supported your ideas in SEC with everything I have. If I’m elected as your Sophomore Class President, I will continue to work tirelessly and to strive for bridging your opinions and voice with the Student Body. This past year I was a major contributor towards bringing chopsticks to our school cafeterias, after hearing student input about it, and I helped lead the freshman float team to a second place ranking during homecoming week; and if elected I will lead our class to more victories in Homecoming games and other school-wide competitions. I’ll always be open to talk about anything, SEC-affiliated or not, and to hear new ideas that you guys might have to improve this school; I’ll work towards more class and SEC transparency and to educate the student public on what we do. I mean, in this amazing class of 486 students, I’m only the loudest of them. There are 485 other ideas waiting to be expressed, 485 voices to be heard, and I will give everything I have to make sure they are. If you elect me as your sophomore class president, I promise to dedicate my 100% to this grade and this school, you in?

Learn more about Joshua by watching his candidate video here.

Other candidates for Sophomore Class President:

Ashley Poon

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