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Kaya van der Horst: Dance Commissioner

Hey Titans! My name is Kaya van der Horst and I’m excited to be running to be YOUR 2017- 2018 Dance Commissioner. Being a dancer myself, I am truly passionate about dance and music, and have attended every Gunn dance since freshmen year. Aside from being a very spirited member of the Gunn community, I am also actively involved in Class Council and The Oracle. These positions of leadership have taught me time-management, responsibility and key organizational skills, which have strengthened me as a leader. If elected, I intend to focus on increasing dance attendance, as well as maintaining high levels of spirit throughout the entire year. My goals as dance commissioner revolve around creating the most fun possible while truly embodying the Titan spirit. That being said, I would place an emphasis on making every dance upbeat and original by keeping the music fresh and eclectic, incorporating thrilling new themes, and switching up the venues. More importantly, I will do my best to prioritize student input in order to incorporate your ideas for an incredible night. I am thrilled to be running for this position, and am positive my enthusiasm and love for dance will shine through to create epic, unforgettable nights. Thank you and vote Kaya for Dance Commissioner!!

Other candidates running for Dance Commissioner:

Tolga Beser

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