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Kendrick You: Sophomore Class Vice President

Hey Titans! My name is Kendrick You, and I’m running faster for your Sophomore Class Vice President.

Many of us will expect Sophomore year to be stressful. More expectations, more pressure, and less time than ever before. But does it really have to be this way? Can’t this next year be more… enjoyable?

A quality school year requires a quality representative. Consider my qualifications: I’ve won over seven different speech and debate awards, and communication is one of my strongest skills. I’ve been elected Class President for two straight years while also holding the position of Class Representative since 3rd grade, including every year in middle school. And I’ve led and tutored my choir group for five years and counting.

But I’m not just a blabbering voice. For example, as your Vice President, I’ll create and lead student-run discussions and online polls for making SEL the best it can be for you guys, the students. With your voices, the sky is the limit: I will work towards sports competitions between classes, picnics, and even school-wide events- and not just during SEL periods, either. During my seven years of student government work, I helped bridge the students and staff, and made sure no voice was left behind. Vote for me and I promise, your voices will be heard once again.

And remember: Together, we KEN do it!

Learn more about Kendrick by watching his candidate video.

Other candidates for Sophomore Class Vice President:

Angela Cheong

Darien Chung

Zoe Quake

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