Mahmoud Tantawi: Junior Class President

We have to change the current administrator’s decisions regarding mental health initiatives. My name is Mahmoud Tantawi and i will make sure that our voices clearly reach the admins. SEL is a good thing, if done right. However our admin have made the wrong decision of making it mandatory, therefore affecting the entire day’s schedule. The proposed schedule options, rather that decrease stress, in fact increase it tenfold. For those who participate in sports, the schedule changes would make them miss more class time. And instead of being able to make up the work they missed during flex, they are stuck in a “Social Emotional Learning” class. By making mental health initiatives mandatory, it’s no better that a town making the population wear straight jackets. I will make sure the admin hear our cries for help. Do we need more of the same in office or do we need someone who will actually push to make the campus a better place?

Furthermore I will make a Junior Quad, and make it the best quad on campus. The quad, which will be located in between the N and M buildings, will come equipped with state of the art amenities. Mark my words and don’t take my words as mere preaching. This will happen. Elect me for Junior Class President and lets, together, make Gunn great again!

Learn more about Mahmoud by watching his candidate video here.

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