Moksha Arora: Spirit Commissioner

Hello Gunn! My name is Moksha Arora and I am running to be your 2017-2018 Spirit Commissioner! To me, being spirited means being full of energy, enthusiasm, and determination. High school can be a tough place where it is hard to keep up with being both happy and hard-working, because school demands so much from us, but my goal is to make everyone feel that they can do both!

Being Spirit Commissioner is all about promoting school spirit through events like rallies, dress up days, games, and more! Part of my goal is getting everyone to participate in these events, whether they are spectating or performing. Being on the cheer team and being on the yearbook staff, I have had the opportunity to both take part in and capture all of the wonderful things that occur at Gunn’s awesome events. I also have gotten to see ways in which some events could be made better.

If I am elected, I want to make our school a place where everyone feels connected and comfortable with one another. My favorite event at Gunn has always been homecoming week, because everyone joins together as a community to do things like build floats, dress up together, perform at night rally, and play super fun games! I think it would be great to take the energy and hype that Gunn students feel during that week and implement it into smaller events throughout the year so that every part of the year becomes more enjoyable!

High school should be full of memory-making and fun, so why not vote for someone who’s gonna give you just that? Vote Moksha Arora for Spirit Commissioner!

Other candidates for Spirit Commissioner:

Jessie Choi

Kim Fenwick

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