Sean Yu: Junior Class Vice President

I arrived in Palo Alto with a navy blue suitcase dragging behind me, a pair of violet Skullcandy earbuds hanging from my ears, and a grimace on my face. Before moving here, I lived in Seattle for 11 years. Leaving the beautiful Pacific Northwest and all my old friends was a low blow. My usually rainbow-like personality was reduced to a dull gray.

Famous for its elite academics, my first thought while touring Gunn was that the facilities seemed somewhat… lackluster compared to its across-town rival. However on the first day of school, my initial apprehensions subsided quickly. I was taken into a warm embrace by Gunn’s community when nearly one person in every single one of my classes welcomed me personally.

Now that I’ve been here for over a year, I’ve seen even more. Our spirit during homecoming is one of a kind. The impact of events that focus on outreach and the well-being of the school is tremendous. Even more so, the passion our staff members and students exhibit in their work inspires me in my own pursuits.

I fell in love with our school and had no way of giving back. That’s why I’m running for SEC — to give back to a community that’s given me so much. As Junior Class VP, I’ll bring to you what I felt when I first came here, because everyone deserves to feel welcomed and have their voice heard. And remember: A vote for Yu, is a vote for you!

Learn more about Sean by watching his candidate video here.

Other candidates for Junior Class Vice President:

Ian Shin


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